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Tomatometer 6,8 of 10. . Reviews Factory and construction workers, farmers, commuters, miners, students. The director captures the state of his nation, by static filming one or more people in more or less motionless poses. No narrative, just portraits. Year 2018. Rating 32 vote.

Anyone know the song that starts playing after he says what we fail to do. Great and excellent work however his lower lip is horizontal on the photo and oblique on your drawing.


The Oriental Mona Lisa. Beautiful. Un animal : un chat 😻 Un aliment : Un gateau basque un pays : Le Portugal <3<3 Un vêtement : des superstars <3 Un style de musique: la musique pop. Marie tu es juste magnifique!💗💗pourrait tu faire une routine du soir / du matin ?💕Je t'adore ! 💗💗. #madeinchina. That will be amazing in 3D.


Kristen Stewart as Kristen Stewart again. Mash ALLAH. You are talented. i have learnt a lot. Beautiful style as an artist should be as. Just what I needed after a bad day at work. Thank you princess Tingting ❤️💜💙. Why are there no subtitles for the spoken parts of this video trailer- and no way to add them? Dance is ideal for those with hearing disabilities if they could only read what is being said about the material. Very disappointed.

When I was super tired when she just posted I heard her say would u be My mother today I was Shook but falling asleep now when I'm more awake and wanting to go to bed I realise she is saying model. Not laughing at her I just find myself stupid. Iloveu tingting 💋💖💓💞. I love Houa Vang's works. You should look into getting a spirit box by huff paranormal, he's amazing. Love you omah xo. Looked like the cast from Kung Fu Panda. Love Malick, rest in peace Bruno and Michael. ❤.

Bruh the sound quality of this is pretty bad, constant cutting in and out sound to the audio. Quite annoying for people with sensitive hearing. Thank you so much. A master. The first trailer that brought tears into my eyes. Je suis tombé sur ton travail que très récemment. Et bah du coup j'ai passé 2h sur tes vidéos. C'est apaisant, intéressant. Merci pour tout ça et continue surtout! D. Đẹp thấy sợ. Your work is awesome and Iam loving it but If you narrate the steps you did like the pencils and tones of pencils you used and blending techniques you used and what all you did will be even more better and informative to users like me. Cc marie qsur quoi tu fais tes montage mais sinon j'adore tes video💝😍.

Yay, first here 😱❤️Watching from New Zealand with love ❤️. Un chefs-d'œuvre. Tu écoutes Aerosmith c'est geniaaaaal.

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